Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scentsify Your Life - Jenn Truppa, Independent Scentsy Consultant

Scentsy provides a safer alternative to the traditional candle. Of course candles smell great, but what if you forget to blow it out?? Or your dog knocks it over with his tail? What happens if your 2 year old becomes very interested in this flickering flame and wants to investigate it? Scary stuff!! With Scentsy you can rest assured that your home will smell amazing without the fear of it burning down! Our warmers are set up to only melt over a very low wattage so if the wax is spilled on accident, it will be warm, but never burn you. Such an amazing concept!

Here's how it works: Pick out your favorite warmer; they come in Full-Size, Mid-Size, or Plug-In (night light style) size. Next, choose which scents you like the most. When your package arrives, simply screw in the 20 or 25 watt light bulb in your warmer, plug it in, drop one or two squares of your scent bar in the top dish and turn the switch on. Thats it! With in a few minutes your home or office will smell absolutely delicious!

Every warmer is essentially a night light as well. It's a beautiful set up, see for yourself Scentsy Products. There are so many choices of warmers. Something for everyone; from Sports themes to Grapevines, Military to Nursery.

The scents are truely amazing and over 80 to choose from!!! Feel like Tropical today? Or how about Romance? There is also the Spa Collection, Corner Cafe, Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer, and even a section of masculine scents for men, Scentsy Man!

We even carry adorable little Scentsy Buddies which you can slip a Scent Pak in the back of the stuffed animal and your childs room will smell amazing! To top it off your little one can carry their Buddy around everywhere they go and it will smell like "home" to them. Awwww...

Orders can be placed directly through my website Scentsify Your Life, or you can give your order to me and I will process it for you. If you are interested in sniffing all 80+ scents, let me know and we can set up a time to do so. Warning: You may become addicted. :)