Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scentsy Buddies

Does your childs room need a little freshening up? Scentsy Buddies are the PERFECT addition to any childs room. Besides making any room smell amazing, they are super cuddly and cute too! Kids of all ages LOVE Scentsy Buddies. Whenever they leave home, they can take their Buddy with them and it will remind them of home because of the scent.

Help your child sleep soundly with the French Lavender Scent Pak.  Or have it smell like clean laundry everywhere your Buddy goes with the Clean Breeze Scent Pak. The Newborn Nursery Scent Pak is also a great choice for baby rooms!

Scentsy Buddies come with a Scent Pak. There are 30 fragrances available. Extra Scent Paks are also available for purchase.

Which Buddy would your little one love?

Ribbert the Frog
Roarbert the Lion
Mollie the Monkey
Ollie the Elephant
Penny the Pig
Lenny the Lamb

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Anne said...

These are cute, I like the monkey best.

Ashley Rae said...

These are really cool! I wish they had Billy the Goat! :)
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Thrifty Ninja said...

I really love the monkey! I've wanted one for a long time! My daughter would kill for one if there was a panda. :) She is obsessed with the Giant Panda after doing a report on them!

Janice said...

Cute! I didn't know they had these.

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